South Florida

Driver Crashes Into South Florida Smoke Shop, Reptiles on the Loose

A South Florida smoke shop was cleaning up Wednesday evening after a driver slammed right into the front of the store.

The smoke shop is not only home to smoking paraphernalia, but also to reptiles, some of which are now missing.

Clear surveillance video shows the car crashing straight into Smoke 'N Toke Smoke Shop at 7590 Northwest 186th Street. The store owner said a woman was dropping off her child at the daycare next door just after 7:30 a.m.

"She pressed acceleration instead and came right through the window," said Subhan Malik, owner of the shop.

In the video, you can see several glass cases and tanks break. Inside those cases were exotic animals, now on the loose.

"There's about four snakes and 5 to 6 lizards. Leopard geckos, bearded dragons," Malik explained.

"First thing I thought about were the animals they have by the windows because I know there were corn snakes and a bearded dragon," said Kimberly Garcia, customer.

The shop owner said the missing animals cost about $2,000 but considers some of them priceless because they were breeding pairs and had special patterns.

"They're not too dangerous at all, they're actually really friendly. So if you guys do find them, bring them back to Smoke 'N Toke because they miss home," Malik said.

As the search for the snakes and lizards continues, the shop is open for business and putting it all into perspective.

"Thank God the kid and the lady were okay," Malik said.

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