Driver Slams Car Into Man, Storefront

Guillermo Ramirez got an unexpected ride on the hood of a car

A convenience store worker proved to be stronger than the plate glass window of a storefront after taking a direct hit from a speeding car Monday.

Broward authorities are looking for the man who was driving the car that ended up inside the Kwik Stop, located at 310 NE 38th St. in Oakland Park, and a passenger who also fled the scene.

The driver allegedly bolted after the car slammed into Guillermo Ramirez, who was walking in front of the store at the exact time the car jumped a parking stop and flew inside the shop.

Surveillance cameras outside the store captured the amazing accident and Ramirez can be seen bouncing right back up after flying over the car's hood. The car went straight through the glass storefront, leaving a mess inside.

Ramirez suffered a few bumps and bruises and an injury to his hand.

Witnesses said the driver was a young-looking male. The other man who fled was in the store at the time when he witnessed the accident. He then ran away with the driver.

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