Driver Who Killed Man With Car in Hialeah Gets 12 Years in Prison

A man who fatally ran over another man in Hialeah more than two years ago was sentenced to 12 years in prison Wednesday.

Michael Delgado, 25, begged the court for mercy at a sentencing hearing in Miami-Dade. In February, a jury found him guilty of vehicular homicide in the death of Javier Prado in January 2017.

"I'm begging you for a second chance to have a normal life again," Delgado told the judge before the sentence was handed down.

Prado's family members also had their say before the judge, and spoke directly to Delgado.

"I pray that the Lord takes your mind, that my uncle meets you in your dreams every night and remembering what you took from us, your honor, please hear my soul and send this devil to the lake of fire," said Prado's nephew, Julio Morales.

Authorities said a fight in a Hialeah parking lot between Delgado and three other men ended with 41-year-old Prado in critical condition in the hospital after Delgado ran him over. Prado had gone there to check on his son, who was in the fight with Delgado. Prado later died in the hospital and Delgado was charged with second-degree murder. But a jury found Delgado guilty of the lesser included charge of vehicular homicide.

"I see him and I have him in my mind all the time," said Prado's mother, Irene Dibrigida, through an interpreter.

At one point, Delgado's mother, Madeline Hernandez, apologized to Dibrigida.

"I wish he would’ve gotten some more time but you know it is what it is and he got what he got and when you do a thing you got consequences," brother Jorge Pardo told reporters.

Delgado’s attorney is now appealing the judge’s sentence.

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