Baby Formula Shortage

‘Driving All Over Is Stressful': Parents Anxious Going Store to Store Looking for Baby Formula Amid Shortage

Biden Administration meeting with manufacturers about increasing production to help alleviate baby formula shortage

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Alexandra Moskowitz is taking in motherhood for the first time with her 3-month-old son Dylan. But the North Miami mom’s experience comes with an added challenge, finding the specialty hypoallergenic baby formula her son needs.

“The struggle of not knowing if you’re going to be able to find the formula and just driving all over is extremely stressful," Moskowitz said. "My husband will go to four stores and come home with nothing, and then we feel like we hit the jackpot when we find 1-2 cans somewhere."

As store shelves empty out, parents are asking for help on social media to find what they need, while others are trying to spread the message when they find a store with stock.

The Biden Administration said solving the problem is a priority. For the last few months, they’ve been meeting with manufacturers to try and increase production of baby formula. Some plants have increased production 30% or 50%.

“We’ve taken a range of steps to work closely with manufacturers to facilitate approvals and ensure that states have flexibility in their USDA WIC programs to expand the supply on the market,” said Kevin Munoz, the White House Assistant Press Secretary.

They are steps Moskowitz hopes will allow her to focus on her son, instead of where she can find his next can of formula.

“I really hope that is the case that within the next couple weeks, we will see less of the shortage and easier access to these formulas because that will alleviate lots of anxiety and stress that moms have added onto their plate,” Moskowitz said.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services set up this website for parents: to answer questions and provide resources amid the shortage of baby formula.

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