Ducks Disappearing From Cooper City Neighborhood

Dozens of Muscovy ducks, and perhaps more, have vanished in the last week or so, Rock Creek residents say

It's not hard to find Muscovy ducks in the Rock Creek neighborhood of Cooper City. They waddle all over the place.

"I think they're a beautiful, natural part of the environment here," said Tom Curtin, a local resident.

But now, it appears, there’s fowl play going on at Rock Creek.

"The ducks are disappearing really fast, it's really sad, it's really sad," Cindy Maiorano said. "I think somebody's coming, poaching them, taking them, stealing them, something's wrong here, definitely."

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A Muscovy massacre? They are edible, and some say extremely tasty. Dozens and maybe hundreds of ducks have disappeared in the last week or so, Rock Creek residents say.

"In the last week, there's a lot less ducks," Curtin said. "I think it's bad."

The homeowners association put up notices around the neighborhood, asking everyone to watch out for the animals.

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But some residents say the ducks were driving them daffy. One woman only wanted to speak anonymously because she didn't want to ruffle any feathers.

"They defecate all over my patio and I constantly have to clean my patio," she said, saying they're an expensive nuisance.

She also said the ducks can be aggressive and even threatening.

"I saw women run out in the street to avoid them when they were chasing them," she said.

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But it seems most residents around Rock Creek would choose the ducks over the duck hunters. Maiorano said the creatures are part of the neighborhood.

"They don't bother me at all, I enjoy the ducks," Maiorano said.

The Broward Sheriff's Office is on the case, sort of. According to the BSO, the only potential crimes here are trespassing or treating the ducks inhumanely. Harvesting Muscovy ducks is not a crime in Florida.

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