Dude, Where's My Car?

A Miami Beach resident is fuming after the Fontainebleau valet lost her ride

Sometimes it doesn't pay to valet.

Then there is what happened to Elizabeth Maneiro, who went the valet route at the Fontainebleau but almost had to take the bus route home because the posh hotel lost her car.

And they still haven't found it.

Maneiro and some friends visited the hotel for drinks the night of Nov. 28, when she pulled a baller move and drove her Infiniti EX35 up to the valet circle, according to the Miami New Times. The group came out two hours later and handed the valet staff her ticket to get her car back.

Luxury car after car rolled around, but no Infiniti. After an hour, staff eventually had to fess up that they had lost it.

Imagine if that happened to any of the numerous celebs who make valet a way of life. Talk about a wannabe VIP's worst nightmare.

"I haven't slept," Maneiro told the New Times. "I valeted my car thinking it would be safe with them."

Thank God for meter parking.

Surveillance video shows the car going in the parking garage, but doesn't show it ever leaving the covered parking area.

The Fontainebleau admits that whatever happened, it was their fault and the hotel's insurance should cover the mystery disappearance. No word on if Maneiro, who just moved to Miami Beach, received a few free nights at the pricey hotel for her trouble.

"This is an isolated incident," hotel flack Mabel Debunza said. "This has never happened before. We are working with the police, and we are doing our best to rectify this embarrassing situation."

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