Dumb Blonde Joke Ends in Nipple Bite, Knife Attack

Woman gets mad and attacks fiance over blonde joke

Blondes have the most fun, but blonde streaks are a different story.

A Florida Keys man was nearly stabbed in his sleep and had his nipple bitten by his girlfriend after she got mad at an ill-timed blonde joke, Monroe County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday.

Patricia Shrader, 51, was arrested and charged with domestic violence and battery for the early morning incident that carried over from a Fourth of July celebration.

According to an arrest report, Shrader and her fiance, Kerwyn Mearns were drinking at a pool hall in Marathon when Mearns made a comment about his woman's new hairdo.

Shrader had recently added blonde highlights in her hair and Mearns made a joke to a friend stating, "You're such a blonde," the arrest report stated.

The comment set Shrader off and she bit her beau on the right nipple without warning, deputies said. The blonde dispute didn't end there and the argument continued when the couple got home.

As Mearns lay in the bed, Shrader went on the offensive again and stabbed the bed twice with a kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade, deputies said. The stab marks in the bed were "near the resting area of a person's head," the report stated.

Mearns told deputies he was never in fear of his life during the episode.

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