Dummy Dials 911 After Neighbor Refuses to Give Him Beer

Booze "emergency" lands man in jail

The ridiculous calls received by Broward County's emergency call center have been well-publicized, but up in St. Lucie County, they've got their own problems with dumb 911 dialers.

The latest offender, 32-year-old Felipe Mejia, called 911 after his neighbor refused to give him a beer, according to firstcoastnews.com.

Mejia called cops around 1 a.m. Sunday, complaining that he was getting less than hospitable treatment from his neighbor.

When the cops showed up, the neighbor told them Mejia was looking for a cold one on the house but they refused him "because he was drunk."

An officer spoke with Mejia, who smelled of booze, was slurring his words and could barely keep his balance.

The officer told him to go home and sleep it off, and Mejia responded "America is my life!" and went inside.

But after the cops left, Mejia reemerged and once again asked his neighbor for a beer. When they again refused, Mejia allegedly pulled out a screwdriver and started swinging it at them.

This time, the neighbor called 911 and Mejia was arrested for disorderly intoxication.

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