Duo Charged With Odometer Altering at Miami Car Dealership

Two Miami men were arrested Friday for allegedly rolling back odometers at a South Florida car dealership.

Felipe Manay and Miguel Reategui appear in bond court on odometer altering charges.  

The alleged crime happened at Citgo Financial located on Northwest 55th Street and 74th Avenue in Miami. The dealership sells used vehicles.

Manay owns the dealership and Reategui is his business partner.

In September of 2016, the U.S. Department of Transportation began investigating the car dealership. They met with Manay and Reategui.

The investigators identified several vehicles that they believed were tampered with.

A 2004 Toyota Corolla had a previous mileage of almost 200,000 miles but, now the odometer showed less than 130,000 miles.

Another car, a 2005 Mazda had almost 130,000 miles but investigators say it was changed to less than 90.

The judge gave each defendant a $5,000 dollars bond.

Both men have private attorneys

Federal investigators estimated that since 2011 the industry of odometer tampering has grown by 30-percent nationwide.

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