Eastern Airlines Comeback Begins With Fashion Show

It’s been years since the once iconic Eastern Airlines took to the skies. The airline was grounded in 1991 when it went out of business, but the company that bought the logo and name is looking to get business taking off once again.

The Eastern Air Lines Group filed its initial application with the U.S. Department of Transportation with Miami being the official hub. The hope is it will bring thousands of jobs, but those are still far off.

For the new company, one of the first orders of business was partnering up with Miami Fashion week to dress the airlines future flight attendants.

“When they wear our uniform, people will say that’s an Eastern flight attendant,” said Ed Wegel, Eastern Airlines CEO.

Designer Lisu Vega was one of the five contestants vying for the opportunity to dress the new flight attendants. Vega looked to the past for inspiration targeting glamour girls globe-trotting in high fashion.

“I just tried to create something really unique, like independent, like a model in the sky,” Vega said.

Viviana Gabeira was inspired by the future, think The Matrix meets Star Trek.

“Welcome aboard to the new and future sky girl!” Gabeiras said. “The trend is very athletic, is washable, is movable and practical.”

Sammy Gicherman looked to the destinations the flight attendants would travel to create what he described as a uniform that’s “very couture, feminine, and gorgeous.”

Kayce Armstrong was yet another designer trying to capture the high-flying business. Armstrong said the design was to let women say, “I would actually buy that in the store, not, ‘Oh God I can’t believe those girls have to wear those uniforms.’”

The winners will be announced at Miami Fashion Week next month.

As for the airline itself, the company said it hopes to complete its regulatory requirements by the end of 2014 and begin operations next year. The company said it wants to operate as a charter airline first, then move to scheduled service eventually.

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