Eat Green With Parkland's Community Garden

YMCA launches green space you can taste.

Three year-old Alex Mila doesn't mind getting dirty.

"Want to make a hole right here?" asked volunteer Lois Canavan.

Alex didn't hesitate to start moving dirt with his hands.

They're planting herbs and vegetables at the Parkland YMCA's new community garden. Canavan knows a little about gardening. She grew up on a farm in Vermont, and her family's been growing things for three generations.

Alex  is a "natural gardener," Canavan explained. "All children are. They love to dig in the dirt."

Even Alex's 18-month-old sister got her hands dirty with other children who raked and helped plant.

For $250, a family, individual, or group of people can sponsor a fou- by-eight-foot bed to grow herbs or fruits and vegetables. YMCA staff plan to invite schools and youth groups to help tend, taste, and learn about gardening.

"Fresh fruits and vegetables taste so much better than processed," said Rhonda Rosenof, who helped launch the garden.

On Saturday, October 8th, the Parkland YMCA is offering a free class on starting your own home garden. You can make a reservation at For more details on the community garden, click here.

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