Ecstasy Cop Gets Two Years

One way to end the buzz: get caught in a sting

Ryan Cowen

Hey, maybe he was just trying to help some local kids along the path to probable Dolphins ownership!

Or maybe not.

Former police officer Jorge Delgado, 31, has been sentenced to two years in prison and three years probation for his role in a drug smuggling operation that was really an FBI sting. He admitted using his marked Miami-Dade patrol car to protect and serve a shipment of what he thought was ecstasy in exchange for $2,500.

(Oh man, dude, know what it must have been like when he found out that the drugs weren't drugs and those dudes weren't dealers at all? It must have been like being on drugs, bro!)

In July, Delgado was charged with aiding and abetting an attempt to possess ecstasy with the intent to distribute, and pled guilty. The three-year veteran of the MDPD, who was working uniformed road patrol at the time of his involvement, faced up to 20 years in prison.

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