‘El Capo' Remake Comes to Telemundo Starring Mauricio Islas

The remake of the worldly popular Colombian narco series “El Capo” is coming to Telemundo next April 4th.

Shot completely in Aztec territory, this brand new version based on the fictional book “El Capo,” is a production of Tele-Mexico Studios and it stars award-winning Mexican actor, Mauricio Islas.

In his return to Telemundo, Islas will portray Jose Vicente Solis (El Capo) an idealist and ambitious man whose early life struggles led him to a life of violence and resentment.

In this action packed series, “El Capo” will unleash chaos in the lives of his enemies who are looking to settle their outstanding debts from the past.

The story of “El Capo” was developed by renowned Colombian author Gustavo Bolivar who also wrote such hits as “Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso,” “Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso,” and “La Viuda Negra” and it was directed by Cuban director Lilo Vilaplana

“El Capo’s” stellar cast of actor includes Plutarco Haza, Roberto Mateos, Isabel Burr, Mauricio Rousselon, Julio Bracho, Alejandro de la Madrid, Valentina Acosta, Ari Brickman, Pablo Cruz, Veronica Merchant, Danny Perea, Guillermo Quintanilla and Gustavo Sanchez Parra among others.

The series debuts on Tuesday April 4th at 10P/9C on NBCUniversal’s sister station Telemundo.

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