Electrician Secretly Filmed Teen's Bath: Cops

Peeping Tom set up a camera and secretly filmed teen bathing

An electrician is being called a perverted Peeping Tom after he allegedly set up a video camera to record his girlfriend's teen daughter bathing.

Edison Gonzalez, 40, has been charged with multiple counts of video voyeurism because allegedly he kept a daily video catalog of the teen bathing that may have spanned a year.

Police claim the man used his expertise in technology to exploit his girlfriend and her 15-year-old daughter, who were unaware they were being watched by an eye in the sky. The couple lived together for three years.

Gonzalez, the owner of ED Electric in Miami, installed a small camera in a light fixture above the bathtub and turned it on when the girl would bathe or shower, police report stated.

The camera was installed through the homes attic and Gonzalez would also photograph the girl through an air vent, police said.

Police found dozens of videos and pictures on his computer, which indicated the secret surveillance had started as early as September 2009.

On much of the footage, the unsuspecting teen was nude, police said.

It's unclear how the peeping was discovered, but Gonzalez is still in jail and a judge ordered a $50,000 bond.

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