Elevator at Civic Tower in Miami Malfunctions Day After Being Fixed

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It's an issue neighbors have been complaining about all week, broken elevators at the Civic Towers on NW 15th Avenue and 18th Street.

Management fixed one of the two broken elevators Tuesday night. Less than 24 hours later, the fire department tells us they rescued two people after the working elevator got stuck Wednesday.

All of this is just adding to the frustrations and concerns for the families who live there.

One of the neighbors invited NBC 6 into the building with her. We could see that one of the elevators had a sign on it saying it was still out of service.

The other elevator, likely the one that broke down again Wednesday, seemed to be working again.

There was a sign on it from the management dated November 24th saying that the elevator is back in service and there is a six person limit. The sign also says that if the elevator is overloaded “it may shutdown between floors and trap you inside.”

Miami Fire Rescue confirmed that crews responded to the Civic Towers earlier Wednesday to rescue two people who were trapped in the elevator on the 4th floor.

They said no one was injured.

“I’d rather go up the stairs then go in the elevator and get stuck,” said Darianne Diago who lives in the building with several family members.

We’ve been reporting on the elevator problems all week. Monday neighbors told us neither one of the elevators were functioning properly creating a major issue for the building’s elderly and disabled residents.

The on-going issues continue to worry Diago, who lives with her grandparents. “There are a lot of elderly that don’t know how they're going to get into the apartments again.”

Miami City officials have posted signs warning that the building management must address the issues by December 6th.

We have reached out to the management company and have not heard back.

City of Miami also said they are investigating if the sprinkler system during a recent fire could be related to the elevator malfunction.

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