Elevator Repair Man Dies in North Miami Building

Police are investigating the death of an elevator repair man in what may have been a tragic accident at a building in North Miami Tuesday night.

Danilo Perez, 46, was working at the Ocean King Apartments at 145th Street and 6th Avenue when he somehow became wedged in the elevator, North Miami Police officials said.

According to police, family members became worried when Perez didn't come home. They went to the building and found him dead on the third floor, then called police.

"He was on top of the elevator and somehow something happened and he was trapped in the elevator," police spokeswoman AnnMarie Cardona said.

OSHA officials were at the scene Wednesday taking photos and interviewing the maintenance manager.

Residents said the elevator hadn't been maintained and described it as a "death trap."

Perez had no known medical condition and police are waiting for an autopsy report to determine the cause of death. His death is being treated as an accident for now, officials said.

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