Elian's Super Communist Sixteen

The Chosen One is a big, Fidel-loving boy now

Little Elian is all grown up.

Elian Gonzalez celebrated his 16th birthday recently just like every other regular teenager in Cuba, we think. Don't all 16-year-olds celebrate by being the face of young communists?

The Chosen One headlined Cuba's Union of Young Communists rally - which was scheduled to coincide with his birthday, Dec. 6.

In photos taken at the event, Elian is chilling like a villain with two cute girls beside him at the rally.

He really looks like a regular jeans-and-watch-wearing American teenager (minus the civil liberties part).
Elian’s Sweet Sixteen is a bittersweet moment for all Miamians who fancied themselves his adopted parents for the months after he washed up on an inner tube 10 years ago.

Gonzalez’s mother died during the freedom voyage, and he was sent to live with Miami relatives in Little Havana. When his father claimed he wanted him back in Cuba, controversy erupted, turning a huge spotlight on Miami and U.S.-Cuba relations.

After a months-long international custody battle, Elian was sent back to the island.

Since then, we've kept up with the cute little boy who stole Miami's heart through pictures from similar rallies.

Guess it’s nice to know that our little boy is growing into a fine, young son of Fidel.

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