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Emilio Estefan Hopes to One Day Visit a ‘Really Free Cuba'

Grammy Award-winning couple Emilio and Gloria Estefan would consider one day visiting Cuba, but only if some major changes occur first in the nation of their birth.

Emilio Estefan addressed the media at Miami International Airport early Thursday morning as he returned from a visit with President Obama in Washington, DC.

Estefan said he and wife Gloria would likely never return to Cuba while the Castros are there.

"Maybe one day, we hope soon, that we have new people," Estefan said. "Then, we could go to a really free Cuba."

Estefan was among 16 prominent Cuban-Americans who met with Obama Wednesday to discuss the president's upcoming trip to the island. Other attendees included prominent businessman Mike Fernandez, Mas Tec chairman Jorge Mas and Ric Herrero from Cuba Now.

The group urged the president to meet with Cuban dissidents during his visit and to create a plan of action for a more democratic Cuba.

Estefan did applaud the president's willingness to listen to a wide variety of opinions.

White House officials say the president will openly address the Cuban people during his visit, and that they intend for everyone on the island to know what's going on.

NBC 6 will have live coverage from Cuba on President Obama's historic visit. Anchors Jackie Nespral and Jawan Strader will provide live reports from Cuba starting Friday at 11 p.m.

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