Employee Cars Vandalized at Westchester General Hospital

11 cars broken into while employees worked overnight

A group of employees of a Miami hospital discovered nearly a dozen cars had been vandalized in a parking lot overnight Tuesday.

The cars were vandalized in the parking lot of Westchester General Hospital at 2500 Southwest 75th Avenue sometime between 11 p.m. and 4 a.m., spokeswoman Alycia Lund said.

When the employees came out after working the overnight shift they found 11 cars had windows smashed and were missing purses, insurance and vehicle registrations and other items.

The parking lot, which serves employees, visitors, and patients, is clearly marked with a "park at your own risk" sign.

"We are very concerned about the environment and the well being of all our employees so we are taking a look at that," Lund said.

Miami-Dade Police are investigating the incident.

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