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ER Doctor Weighs In on Head Injuries After Bob Saget's Cause of Death Revealed

The "Full House" actor accidentally hit his head, thought nothing of it, and then went to sleep, his family said

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Nearly a month after the sudden death of one of America’s favorite TV dads, we now know the cause of death of actor and comedian Bob Saget.

“I was surprised,” said Dr. Javier Talamo, an emergency room doctor at HCA Florida University Hospital. “I think there was a lot of speculation to what it could have been. I don’t think head trauma was at the top of anyone’s list.”

Saget’s family announced Wednesday that the “Full House” star died of head trauma, accidentally hitting the back of his head on something and then going to sleep.

“It does happen,” Talamo said. “But, it’s very rare.”

Talamo says patients come in with head trauma all the time but says it usually isn’t serious.

“Probably 90% of the patients that we see that have some kind of head injury are fine, have a negative CAT scan, or don’t need a CAT scan at all,” the doctor said.

But for the other 10%, Talamo says a hard fall or being hit with a blunt object can cause major damage.

“Anytime that you fall down more than like three or five steps for example,” he said. “Sometimes slip and falls even in the bathroom, for example.”

Talamo says there are several signs that indicate the severity of a head injury.

“Is their mental status normal for them or do they seem confused or disoriented?” he said. “Dizziness that doesn’t go away after a couple seconds.”

Talamo says if you suffer a head injury and think it may be serious, don’t go to sleep.

“Don’t just ignore it and go to bed and hope that everything will be better by morning,” he said. “If you have any concerning symptoms, get evaluated.”

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