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Error on Carfax Report Kept Woman From Trading In Her Car

Christal Kirk is outgrowing her Highlander quickly.

She has three kids in preschool and another baby on the way.

“I decided I wanted to get another car and trade my car in, because it’s a little small for my children,” said Kirk.

But when she tried to trade in her car, she says the dealer wouldn’t take it.

She says the dealer pointed to a Carfax report that said her airbags had deployed in an accident, making it a dud for future buyers.

Kirk says the report is wrong.

“Why does it say here that the airbags deployed? That has never happened,” said Kirk.

Kirk says she was in a fender bender but the airbags didn’t deploy. She says she gave Carfax documents to prove this including an invoice from the repair shop and records from her insurance company. But Carfax didn’t fix the report.

“I was desperate to get it fixed, because I’m in such need to get a new vehicle before the baby arrives,” said Kirk.

So Kirk reached out to NBC 4 Responds in Los Angeles to help uncover the hang up.

Carfax said they had a police report from the accident that said the airbags deployed. The police department corrected their report and Carfax then quickly fixed its report.

All that is left now is for Kirk to find the perfect car for her growing family.

“I was very excited. And thankful that it was finally corrected,” said Kirk.

Carfax says it collects data from more than 112,000 sources, so it might receive conflicting information. If it does, it says it’ll share all the information with you to help right a wrong report.

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