Escaped Prisoner Appears Before Miami-Dade Bond Court Judge

The escaped prisoner who led police on a chase in northwest Miami-Dade, appeared before a bond court judge Tuesday.

32-year-old Andy Ulysse faces multiple charges including battery on a police officer, grand theft and leaving the scene of a crash.

Ulysse had been placed in a marked police vehicle to be transported to TGK Corrections. On the way, in the area of northbound State Road 826, just before Northwest 36th Street, police said Ulysse kicked the rear passenger door window open and jumped out of the police vehicle.

He fled the area by jumping off a 15-foot embankment. Police said he then jumped in a vehicle that was unattended and fled the area.

Tuesday in bond court, Ulysse was not only facing criminal charges for Monday's mayhem, but also for two prior felony cases in Georgia.

"For weapons offense, armed robbery, burglary, home invasion, kidnapping and firearm possession," said Judge Mindy Glazer, Miami-Dade Bond Court.

Also for armed robbery, false imprisonment and theft. Ulysse pantomimed his reactions as the judge continued to read the list of felony charges against him. Detectives said Ulysse may also have cases pending in Ohio.

The judge set his bond at $47,000. However, Ulysse can't bond out for now. He'll be extradited to Georgia first. Then he could come back to South Florida to face these current charges in the next few months.

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