‘Every Day Blends Into the Next': Broward Doctor Shares Experience Treating COVID Patients

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Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joshua Lenchus of Broward Medical Center opened up to NBC 6 about what the influx of COVID patients in hospitals has been like in recent weeks, and how he has mitigated the personal risks involved.

"One of the hardest parts is that every day just blends into the next," Dr. Lenchus said. "There's a lot of fear and anxiety about COVID."

Dr. Lenchus noted that the patients coming in to get treated for coronavirus have been getting younger, which means that treating them in the ICU usually involves less complications and a quicker turnaround for beds.

Nonetheless, the doctor said, treating those who are sick with coronavirus involves making commitments and taking risks that have resulted in some of his colleagues getting sick.

“Unfortunately, I don't think any system that takes care of COVID patients is unique in that respect," he said. Dr. Lenchus added that the risk is one he is willing to take, as he knows that despite wearing eye protection and face masks, there is a chance that exposure could mean bringing the virus home to his family.

“We took an oath to care for the citizens of the county and those we care for," Dr. Lenchus said.

The doctor added that wellness activities and mental health days are recommended to help frontline workers manage stress and deal with surges like the one Florida's outbreak is seeing. He urged everyone to social distance, wear masks and make every effort to stop the spread.

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