Everyone Knows a Stripper Doesn't Have a Boss

One stripper recounts the night cops raided Hallandale's Cheetah Club

Travel writers. Mattress testers. Strip club raiders.

Some people just manage to hit the job jackpot.

"Mighty fine work for a two-year under cover investigation. Although I feel bad for those poor under cover detectives who had to endure an endless amount of lap dances to figure out which girls provided 'special performances' in the champagne room," wrote the Miami New Times' Francisco Alvarado in his ongoing Banana Republican column.

He was talking about the bust of Hallandale's Cheetah Club earlier this month, which ended in the arrest of 16 girls on prostitution charges and the owners busted for running a whorehouse. The club's liquor license was revoked and Cheetah's eventually shut down completely.

What actually went down on the night of the bust really hasn't surfaced, until now. One stripper who was there that night gave Alvarado the scoop on what went down (a Hallandale police spokesperson refused to comment).

On the bust: "When I turned around I had a big gun in my face and saw this procession of people in ski masks coming through the front... They made each one of the dancers step forward and dudes who had their faces covered would nod their heads yes when they recognized a girl they claimed were prostituting... The girl standing next to me passed out and they had to call paramedics for her."

On the stripper/strip club manager relationship: "They asked us questions like who do we work for... But everyone knows a stripper doesn't have a boss. We are licensed by the state as independent contractors. Those managers they arrested aren't pimps.

And speaking of pimps: "There were a few girls in there that had their own pimps. The Cheetah used to have a lot of pimps coming through there, but a lot of them outgrew it and moved on to bigger spots like Tootsie's or Solid Gold, where the clientele is richer."


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