Eviction Turns Deadly After Landlord Shoots Tenant in Florida Keys: Police

A Florida man is behind bars Saturday facing a first-degree murder charge after he shot a tenant living at his parent's Florida Keys home, police say

According to Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Ryan Wilder, 32, shot and killed 42-year-old Kenneth Palicki Friday night.

Palicki and his girlfriend Colleen Lyons, 25, were living at a house owned by Wilder’s parents on Duck Key. Palicki and Lyons had been served with eviction papers requiring them to be out of the house by Aug. 23rd, according to MCSO spokesperson Becky Herrin.

Wilder went to the home Friday, but only Lyons was there. Deputies say he walked in the house and reportedly began to remove property from the home and take it outside when Palicki returned home.

Wilder and Palicki began to argue and Palicki told Lyons to call the Sheriff’s Office, which she did.

While Lyons was on the phone with Sheriff’s dispatchers, she told them Wilder had a gun in a holster on his hip.

During the call, Wilder shot Palicki multiple time, according to MCSO.

Palicki was transported to Fisherman’s Hospital in Marathon where he later died. Palicki suffered four gunshot wounds to his left forearm, neck, mid-back and upper thigh.

Police say Wilder got into his truck and drove away after the shooting. Lyons gave dispatchers a description of the truck. He was pulled over a short distance away.

Wilder was arrested and charged unpremeditated murder for shooting and killing Palicki.

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