Evidence of Alcohol Found on Boat Involved in Fatal Crash: Investigators

Investigators confirmed evidence of alcohol on a boat carrying three victims of a fatal crash.

The July 4th crash off Dinner Key Marina near Coconut Grove killed four in total: Kelsie Karpiak, 24; Andrew Garcia, 23; Victoria "Tori" Dempsey, 23; and, Jason Soleimani, 23. Another victim remains in a coma, with serious brain injuries.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission investigators said there was evidence of alcohol on the boat carrying Karpiak, Garcia and Dempsey. They said it appeared that Garcia was controlling the vessel.

Three boats were involved in the accident Friday, during a mad dash to dock after the fireworks shows. No charges have been filed, but the accident remains under investigation.

The FWC says it will be weeks before a final report is released. Investigators will review GPS systems from the boats that will provide data about which direction the boats were headed and how fast they were going.

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