Ex-Miami-Dade Police Officer Arrested For Impersonating Cop

A former Miami-Dade police officer was arrested for pulling over a driver and claiming to be a cop, officials said. Martha Aleman, 46, was booked on charges of impersonating a police officer and possession of controlled substances.

On Thursday, Aleman followed a man into a gas station after they got into a verbal argument when they were stuck in gridlock traffic along Coral Way near Southwest 22nd Avenue.

When the woman pulled up to the man, she flashed a Miami-Dade police badge and told the victim she was a cop, police said. The driver believed her and told her he did nothing wrong.

The man went in to put gas in his car and that's when police officers arrived to the scene. Aleman told the officers she was a cop, but when they asked for identification, she refused, according to an arrest report. When officers called the county to verify, officials told them Aleman had resigned in 2016.

She was subsequently arrested. She told detectives she became angry because the victim stuck his finger out the window of his car at her, according to the police report.

Additionally, police said they found many prescription pills scattered in her purse. None of the prescription bottles were under Aleman's name.

She was released from jail after posting $5,000 bond.

Miami-Dade Police Department confirmed Aleman resigned from the department January 2016. The department had no comment regarding her arrest.

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