Ex-SoBe Cop Charged With Attempted Murder

23-year vet goes ballistic when his estranged wife won't let him see his son

William Thomas Skinner used to put criminals away who acted like he did on Monday.

Skinner, a 23-year veteran of the Miami Beach Police Department, was arrested outside the home of his estranged wife in the Upper Keys for shooting at the woman and her male roommate and chasing the couple out of their home. He faces attempted murder charges.

The shooting was sparked by a dispute over Skinner seeing his 3-year-old son, who also had to duck bullets. Indira Skinner refused to let her husband see their 3-year old because he didn't call first, according to the police report.

The Miami Herald reported one of the bullets from the .357 revolver hit Jesus Ruvalcaba in the leg. Ruvalcaba is the roommate who came to the aid of Indira Skinner after he overheard the shouting match happening on the front porch.

Indira and William Skinner are separated and were headed for divorce court. Now William Skinner is probably headed to the slammer for a long time.

Skinner, 53, was a captain on the Miami Beach force before retiring in 2003.

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