Exotic Bird Stolen From Flamingo Gardens

An exotic bird was stolen from Flamingo Gardens in Davie Saturday night.

Snappy, a 35-year-old African Grey parrot, has resided at the wildlife sanctuary in Davie for 15 years. Officals believe the thief scaled a fence, cut the bird's enclosure and snatched the parrot sometime between 11 p.m. Saturday night and 7 a.m. Sunday morning. Caregivers arrived to feed the bird, only to discover a hole cut into the exhibit and the screen ripped away from the structure.

Laura Wyatt, Curator of wildlife at the sanctuary, hopes the bird will be returned.

"He's not a particularly social bird, and has been living here happy and comfortable for so long," Wyatt said. "It pains me to think of him stressed out in a small or crowded cage waiting to be sold."

Staff at Flamingo Gardens said Snappy is known to mimic cellphone ringtones, a "wolf" whistle, and the song Stars and Stripes Forever. They are asking anyone with information to call Flamingo Gardens at (954) 473-2955 or notify Davie Police.

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