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Ever wonder what part of a vacation makes us the happiest? Is it the moment we sink our toes into the sand of a secluded beach? That first night out in a romantic European city? Skiing untouched powder on the side of a mountain?

The answer, you might be surprised to learn, is none of the above. According to a 2010 psychological study conducted by Tilburg University in the Netherlands, we're not happiest while on vacation, but rather while we're still planning one. Anticipation, you see, is the key to enjoyment, at least where travel is concerned.

So then why diminish that dose of happiness by skimping on the in-flight experience? One of the first things we do when planning a vacation is booking our airfare, and knowing that we'll be enjoying a premium journey to our destination can only increase our sense of pre-travel happiness.

That's why Turkish Airlines is such a smart move for your next well-earned getaway. Offering more destinations than any other airline in the world and a Business Class experience par excellence, it's no wonder that the airline has been named the Best in Europe by Skytax for six consecutive years. And with a hub right here in Miami, you'll enjoy non-stop service to Istanbul, as well as access to Turkish Airline's 300 other destinations.

So what makes the Turkish experience so memorable? For the discerning traveler, here are a few amenities that truly stand out.

Your own world-class chef
Modern airlines might boast WiFi and shorter travel times, but they still can't seem to get the cuisine right. Not so on Turkish Airlines. Business Class passengers enjoy their very own "Flying Chef," who is trained to prepare the 112 different local and international dishes offered onboard. It's why Turkish has been awarded "World's Best Business Class Onboard Catering" year after year by Skytrax.

Business Class
Speaking of Business Class, the in-flight experience goes well beyond the dinner menu. You'll enjoy full flat seats, free WiFi, Turkish coffee and Turkish Delight, and a first-rate entertainment system replete with exclusive Dr. Oz Healthy Travel videos designed to help you optimize your well-being during your holiday.

Arrive in a limo
Of course we all know that travel time starts well before we step off the jetway and onto our flight. To increase your comfort level and make the journey that much more seamless, Turkish Airlines recently launched their Exclusive Drive program. Guests will be picked up by a private, chauffeured limo and driven to the airport. Skip the hassle of navigating traffic and arrive in style!

Private Tour of Istanbul
Istanbul is often a getaway to one of Turkish Airlines' final glamorous destinations—iconic cities like Athens, Budapest and Rome. But to miss out on Istanbul—with its east meets west confluence of cultures, stunning setting and architecture, and vibrant city life—would be a shame. That is why Turkish Airlines recently launched their exclusive Bosphorus Experience. Business Class travelers with a transfer time of seven hours or more can enjoy a guided and immersive tour of the city. Guides will meet you at the airport, whisk you through passport control and into the city for a curated tour that includes visits to the Eminonu and Karakoy marinas, followed by a private boat cruise of the Bosphorus and a decedent meal at the famed five-star Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel.

Start enjoying your next vacation right now by booking a world-class experience with Turkish Airlines.

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