Expert: Everyone Should Wear Mask, Gloves Outside

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A growing number of health experts believe everyone should wear a mask when going out — not because it will keep you from getting the virus, but because it could stop you from giving it to others if you don't even know you have it.

"We recognize that this virus is mostly transmitted in clusters where people are in close contact for a little bit of time," said Dr. Aileen Marty of Florida International University. "And this is particularly true when we are talking about that asymptomatic transmission."

The CDC's guidance says a mask is not needed outside of a healthcare settings. They pointed out that hospitals are running out of the equipment and they need it the most.

“The purpose of this mask is for you not to infect the environment and not infect others, and therefore, you don’t need an N95 or a fitted mask," Marty said.

Early Tuesday there was talk that federal health officials would recommend the general public to wear at least a face covering outside of their homes.

"You can make can kinda make a homemade mask of your own with any variety of materials that as long as you take if off properly, and wash your hands after you used it, and wash it. It shouldn’t pose any risk to you and it might help in reducing your spread of the virus that you don’t know you have," Marty said.

Some infectious disease experts worry that a change in guidance would lead people to think they are safe wearing a mask and will be less disciplined about social distancing.

Publix says it's is providing workers with gloves but not masks, saying the existing supply needs to go to healthcare and medical professionals. The company, however, said they won’t stop a worker from wearing a facial covering.

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