Suspicious Device Found Near Dumpster Prompts Apartment Building Evacuation: Authorities

Police ultimately said the device did not have explosive materials, "despite its realistic appearance"

Residents were slowly being allowed back into their apartments at a Kendall complex early Friday after police said they had dealt with the threat posed by a suspicious device.

The Miami-Dade Police Bomb Squad and other first responders shut down the Four Quarters Habitat Apartments at 8337 SW 107th Ave. Thursday night after reports of a possible explosive device were called in to 911.

Authorities said they believed the device was constructed out of a PVC pipe. It appeared serious enough for investigators to call for a mandatory evacuation.

Miami-Dade Police later said that the device did not have explosive materials, "despite its realistic appearance." The bomb squad was going to take the item to a secure location to destroy it, police said in a statement at midnight Friday.

The investigation congested the main road into the complex to a dumpster where neighbors and police said the device was found.

Neighbor Lisa McEndry said firefighters told her she lived right next to the device and ordered her to leave.

"I wasn't expecting anybody, and I answered the door, and they said, 'You need to leave.' I answered the door, four firefighters said, 'You need to leave right now,'" McEndry said. "I didn't really ask any questions. I was kind of panicked."

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue initially described it as an explosive device.

The evacuation left scores of neighbors temporarily homeless and aching to go back inside.

"I'm just trying to keep calm and hope everybody can be safe, and back in their homes," said Angelica Losada, who is six months pregnant. "I'm pregnant, so I really need to calm down."

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