Express Lane Pole Changes Coming to I-95

Drivers on I-95, just south of the border between Miami-Dade and Broward counties, will see a noticeable change this fall, when it comes to the poles separating the express lanes from the rest of the road.

Officials from the Florida Department of Transportation unveiled a $10 million plan to replace the poles with ones that can withstand hits from cars better, as well as putting them closer together in an effort to avoid drivers dangerously entering the express lanes where there is no entrance.

James Wolfe with FDOT said the issue of drivers entering illegally is a dangerous one.

"It's a real problem. It's unsafe for them, it's unsafe for other motorists, and they're risking getting a $170 fine," Wolfe said.

The cones will be able to take around 150 hits from a car going 70 miles per hour and will be placed half the distance apart from where they are now.

"When you look down the road at an angle, it'll be much more of a deterrent to drivers," Wolfe said.

FDOT also plans to widen the inside shoulder at five spots south of the Golden Glades interchange, done to allow for police and emergency vehicles to respond quicker to accidents and handing out tickets in the express lane.

For more information on this and all future I-95 Express Lane projects, click here.

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