Extra Food From South Beach Festival Helps Homeless

This weekend will be filled with food and fun for those attending the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. But what happens to all the leftover food? Turns out, what is left goes straight to the homeless.

"You can see the food is different than our normal donations," said Mitch Haller, Food Service Coordinator at the Miami Rescue Mission.

The Miami Rescue Mission and FIU work together to bring the leftover food to those who need it most.

FIU Hospitality Professor John Bushman has a 10-year history with the festival. In the last few years, he decided to bridge that with the need in the community.

"We are avoiding seeing, first of all, food going into landfill but also, there's high quality food. It's an opportunity for us to turn nutritious food around. It becomes a treat, I think, at least that's what they tell me," Bushman explained.

Haller knows firsthand what that means, "It's precooked, so it helps us in a way. 1,500 meals a day is no easy task."

Some of those who live at the mission came out to lend a hand, including Luciano Abobaca, who appreciate every pound of food coming in.

"Having a hot meal is very good because when you are from the street, you learn to appreciate," he said.

Even though tickets to the Wine and Food Festival are pricey, because of the efforts of these people, some of the less fortunate in Miami will get a delicious bite to eat.

Each night after the festival wraps up, the mission heads over to gather and collect what's left.

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