Fabulous Food: Corsair by Scott Conant

Celebrated and award-winning chef, restaurateur, author and television personality Scott Conant opens Corsair by Scott Conant this month in Aventura’s Turnberry Isle Miami, a luxurious resort and golf club.

Inspired by the age of discovery and Florida's rich history of exploration, Corsair by Scott Conant offers a seasonal and rustic menu rooted in the farmhouse cooking of America and the Mediterranean. Dishes follow each season, reflecting the harvest of local farmers and purveyors while putting the quality and simplicity of their ingredients center stage.

The décor and menu offerings will be united through a sense of understated sophistication best described by the Italian expression "sprezzatura," or an air of casual elegance.

Guests can expect an authentic and comfortable dining experience anchored by unmatched service and personalized hospitality in a convivial setting.

Conant stopped by 6 in the Mix to share his recipe for Roasted Clams with Chorizo and Fingerling Potatoes. See how to make the dish below!

Chorizo Polpette

250g Chorizo
15g Panko
25g Milk
5g Garlic, grated on microplane

  • Combine all and mix well, Test for seasoning
  • Roll in to small balls, and reserve.

Garlic Soffritto

1/4C Garlic, Sliced thin on Mandolin
1Tbsp Thyme,
pinch Chili Flake
1/4C Olive Oil

  • Combine garlic and oil in a cold pan and heat gently till garlic starts to sizzle. Gently cook till garlic is now longer harsh, do not brown.
  • Add Thyme, Chili Flake and remove from heat.

Smoked Paprika Oil

¼ C Smoked Paprika
½ C Olive Oil

  • Combine, and Gently warm till hot.
  • Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  • Reserve.

To Serve

1 Pint Clams, Pasta Clams, Soaked,
5ea Chorizo Polpette
8pc Fingerling Potatoes, Cooked, Sliced into Rounds
1Tbsp Caramelized Shallots
½ C Chicken Stock
1Tbsp Garlic Sofritto
1tsp Smoked Paprika Oil, (mixed well)
1Tbsp Parsley, chiffonade
1pc Lemon zest
1pc Grilled Bread
2drops Lemon Juice

  • In a pot, heat some oil till very hot.
  • Add Potatoes and Polpette, Sesason with salt,
  • Sear until potatoes and Chorizo are browned.
  • Add Shallots, Garlic Soffritto and Lemon Zest.
  • Add Chicken Stock and Paprika Oil.
  • Bring to a boil, Add Clams and Cover.
  • When Clams have opened, Finish with parsley and a drop or two of lemon juice.
  • Place Grilled Piece of Bread on bottom of plate.
  • Top with clams and their juices, and finish with extra Smoked Paprika Oil.
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