Fake Doctor Spotted at South Florida Hospitals

Authorities are investigating after a man has reportedly been seen posing as a doctor at several South Florida hospitals.

In a statement Thursday, officials with Jackson Health System said the man has been seen wearing an unofficial physician lab coat at local hospitals.

On Wednesday, the man was spotted by public safety staff on the Jackson Memorial Medical Center campus. Police were notified and the man was issued a cease and desist letter and a trespassing warning, hospital officials said. 

"Jackson is taking this suspicious activity seriously and has notified the Florida Department of Health, which launched an investigation into this matter," the statement read.

The man, Wilvince Bazil, told NBC 6 he works for a staffing agency that pairs him up with doctors to take care of sick patients. He said he has aspirations to become a doctor.

He took the dream a little too far, wearing a custom-made coat he ordered online with "Dr. Bazil" on the front and with the Jackson Memorial logo. He posted pictures of himself wearing the coat on Facebook.

Bazil has since taken the photos down and is banned from all Jackson Health facilities, unless he is receiving treatment.

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