Fake Fortune Teller Guilty of Theft

Really, she should have seen it coming

Gina Marie Marks told South Florida customers for a fee, she could cleanse their souls in these tough economic times.

Instead, she cleaned their wallets to the tune of about $65,000. On Friday, she pleaded no contest to grand theft and was ordered to pay all the money back.

Marks, 36, avoided jail time for not fighting the charges by returning the money to the five people, a clairvoyant move on her part. She will serve 18 months' probation and probably won't be reading palms any time soon.

"She was a Gypsy and the victims went to her with personal troubles," state prosecutor Don Tenbrook told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "She indicated they needed to give her money to be cleansed, the money would be cleansed and returned, and it was not returned."

The psychic may want to stick to her day job, author.

Marks, under the name Regina Milbourne, wrote the book, "Miami Psychic."

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