Phony Pharmacist Electrocutes, Robs Elderly Victim

Man posing as pharmacist uses stun gun on woman and her little dog

An elderly Miami woman was the victim of a shocking attack after a robber posing as a pharmacist barged into her house with a stun gun.

The suspect, described as a 50 to 55 year-old white Hispanic male, used the stun gun to electrocute the woman and her little dog that tried to protect her, police said.

The man robbed the woman of jewelry.

Police released a detailed sketch of the phony pharmacist Wednesday, fearing he may be preying on the elderly living in the area around Southwest 8th Street and 32nd Avenue in Miami.

On Jan. 21, the unnamed victim responded to a knock on the door and calls from a stranger announcing, "Farmacia," or pharmacist in Spanish.

When she opened the door, the suspect walked inside claiming he was delivering medicine. The woman's bed-ridden husband was also home at the time of the robbery.

After the victim questioned the man about the medicine, the suspect pulled out his weapon and began electrocuting the woman. When her Dachshund tried to jump in, the robber turned the stun gun on the dog.

"An unimaginable, horrendous incident," said Det. Willie Moreno, with the Miami Police Department. "Unfortunately the individuals inside were waiting for some sort of medication to arrive so the lady opened the door and was greeted by this individual."

The woman valiantly fought back and grabbed a pair of scissors, forcing the intruder out of the house. Police said a white two-door vehicle was seen speeding away from the home.

The suspect is described as 5'2" to 5'4", 180-200 pounds with a big belly, thinning hair with receding hair line and an unshaven round face with no visible scars or tattoos.

Neighbors said the elderly woman was traumatized by the incident.

"A sick person, I really think a sick person would do that," said neighbor Eddie Jenkins. "She's doing better, I told her I will keep my eyes open."

Anyone with information is urged to call the City of Miami Police Department's Robbery Unit (305) 603-6370 or Crime Stoppers of Miami Dade at (305) 471-TIPS.

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