Family and Friends Say Goodbye to Troops on Their Way to Afghanistan

The soldiers will be deployed to Afghanistan after training on Friday.

More than 100 soldiers of the 388th Route Clearance Company gathered together with family and friends for a farewell ceremony.

The troop will head to training Friday and then be deployed to Afghanistan.

"I've been training for so long, I'm ready to go do my job, but I don't want to leave my kids," soldier Andres Santos said.

The ceremony was held Thursday morning at the Galaxy Terminal inside Palm Beach International Airport.

"How I'm feeling about my son in law's deployment? Like dog doo. Like it shouldn't happen," Suzi Elman said.

It's not the first time many of these soldiers have been deployed overseas. Many say it's something you can never get used to.

"It's not home. You can't really explain it, you just got to be over there. It's one of those things where you cant put into words," soldier Tyrone White said.

For many spouses, the hugs and family pictures are an all too familiar scene.

"I'm angry I'm going through it again. All my conversation with God is please don't send him, please don't send him," spouse Alyson McClure said.

And others coped with the idea of their loved ones leaving by envisioning their safe return.

"He's leaving again, but he's going to come back safely," mom Wendy White said.

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