South Florida Family Seeking Missing Loved One in North Carolina

What to Know

  • Carlos Alfonso Jr. moved to North Carolina with his parents in 2016. He was born in Richmond Heights, attending Southwest Senior High.
  • The 21-year-old went missing hours before Hurricane Florence - now a Tropical Depression - made landfall.
  • Family members say there is cause for concern that foul play could be involved.

A South Florida family is yearning for answers after they say a loved one disappeared in North Carolina right before Hurricane Florence – now a Tropical Depression – made landfall.

Twenty-one year old Carlos Alfonso Jr. was born and raised in Richmond Heights, but moved to Lumberton, North Carolina with his parents a few years ago, cousin Michelle Waldron said. His family is concerned he may be in danger.

“They have cause for concern that there is foul play involved,” she said.

Waldron said Alfonso left home with a male neighbor on Sept. 13, telling his mom he’d be home later. After about an hour, the neighbor apparently returned with Alfonso’s cell phone, saying he’d left it in the car, according to Waldron. The neighbor added that a different friend was going to drop Alfonso home, but he never came back, Waldron said.

Waldron said Alfonso isn't one to run off and described him as being a "good kid." She said they need authorities to investigate the case, but don’t feel it has been a priority because police are focused on the aftermath of Florence.

“Being that the storm did hit obviously my family is without power. They are trying to do the best that they can with what they have on their own," she said.

"They are searching. The’ve been searching. His dad hasn’t stopped searching."

Alfonso was last seen wearing a grey sleeveless shirt, jeans, boots and a camo hat. The family is asking anyone with information to call police or contact 910-671-3100.

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