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Family of Young Miami Murder Victim Pleads for Answers

A South Florida family made an emotional plea for someone to come forward, standing in the same spot their 15-year-old relative was shot and killed.

Alder Hill was shot execution style last Saturday night. A lack of information motivated his family to gather in the field where he was killed and make a public plea.

"Come forward and say something and stop going by not snitching, because you are helping his mom. His mom loved him," expressed Krystal Mond, victim's aunt.

"I'm getting emotional because this is personal to me. I've been doing this for 30 years but this was an execution that occurred here of an innocent 15-year-old child," said Sgt. Julio Pino with Miami Police.

Hill was riding his bike near Northwest 10th Avenue and 69th Street. He was forced off his bike, dragged into a field and shot dead.

The lead detective said it was possibly a territorial killing; a kid just being in the wrong neighborhood.

"It's just a perception that if you're from the wrong neighborhood, what are you doing here, and you get murdered. That is a sad state of events," Sgt. Pino said.

The murder is one of several recently connected to Miami Northwestern Senior High School, as it happened steps away. It prompted the Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools to respond earlier this week.

"Over the past year alone, we've had 64 students or school-aged kids in Miami-Dade shot. 21 of them died. If this is not a crisis. I don't know what it would be," Alberto Carvalho said.

Police said there were hundreds of people in the area at the time Hill was killed, and they're sure somebody knows something.

"I just need people to know he was someone's brother, nephew and grandson. This could've been their grandson, their nephew or their brother," Mond said.

If you have any information about Hill's murder, you're urged to call police immediately.

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