Family Wants Answers Weeks After Children Killed in Miami House Fire

"It's very difficult for me to describe how am I doing. Because without my children, I'm not doing."

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A family says they're still being kept in the dark more than a month after their children died in a house fire in Miami.

Jasmine Hernandez spoke out Thursday, weeks after her children -- eight-year-old Nainalee, six-year-old Nomad and one-year-old Naziyah -- died after the fire on December 30.

"It's very difficult for me to describe how am I doing. Because without my children, I'm not doing," Fernandez said.

She was carrying the kids' blankets, which she says still smells like them.

"Nothing will fill me because they are not here physically, but these are the last blankets my children had when I recognized their bodies, and I carry it everywhere I go. Everywhere I go," she said.

The children were home alone with their cousin when their grandmother stepped out to go to the grocery store while the mother was at work.

Heilyn Mejia, Naziyah Fernandez, Nomad Lopez and most recently, Nainalee Lopez, died in a house fire earlier this week. NBC 6's Ari Odzer reports.

"What happened next is the most horrific tragedy that anybody can ever imagine," said their attorney, Carlos Silva.

Responding firefighters found heavy smoke coming from the rear of the home in the 3600 block of Northwest 18th Terrace. Neighbors said they tried helping by breaking windows, and the fire rescue captain said firefighters did everything they could to revive the children

Naziyah, Nomad and their cousin - 11-year-old Heilyn Mejia - died that day. Nainalee died at the hospital a day later.

RAW: Crews respond to a fire at a Miami home that left at least three children dead.

Six weeks later, the family still doesn't know what caused the fire. Their attorney says the fire department handed off the investigation to the insurance company, which has evidence and the families' belongings.

"We are being kept in the dark," Silva said.

NBC 6 is awaiting a response from Miami Fire Rescue.

"It's hard … I have my days where I can't get out of bed," Hernandez said. "I don't even know sometimes what day it is."

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