Family's “Extreme Christmas” Display ‘Irresponsible': Plantation Police

A Plantation family's "extreme" Christmas display has drawn the ire of the police department, who says the extravagant display is disrupting neighbors and creating a public safety concern.

In a statement sent Friday, Plantation Police say they're not "against Christmas" but claim the Hyatt family's "Extreme Christmas" holiday display is turning their neighbors into Grinches and causing the city the take action.

The family has spent the past several Christmases erecting the elaborate display at their home on Northwest 14th Street. It features some 200,000 lights, a Ferris wheel and hundreds of pieces of Christmas decor. The home also won NBC 6's "Holiday Lights on 6" contest in 2012.

But police say it's too much for the neighborhood.

"In their unbridled zeal to promote themselves and their 'Extreme Christmas' holiday display in their single family residential neighborhood and without any regard for public safety or the complaints of their neighbors, the Hyatts are acting irresponsibly, and are causing the City to take necessary and well considered steps," the police statement read.

Police said the display has caused traffic problems to the family's neighbors and creates a risk of impeding emergency vehicles in the area.

"Numerous attempts have been made by the City to work with the Hyatts to mitigate public safety concerns and minimize the display’s negative impacts," the statement said. "The Hyatts refuse to cooperate. As citizens, we all have a collective and basic responsibility to act in a way that does not create risks of harm or inconvenience to others."

Officials said they've established a "safe zone" near the home to prevent vehicular traffic but will allow foot traffic to the home.

Owner Mark Hyatt battled his neighbors over the display last year and said some had blown it out of proportion.

"They're entitled to their opinions and I respect that," Hyatt said at the time. "I would say the best thing my neighbors could do is embrace this. Christmas will happen. It happens every year."

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