Talk about keeping it real.

The second season of Fantasia Barrino’s VH1 show “Fantasia for Real” will show the singer crying in her hospital bed after attempting suicide, according to a four and a half minute trailer released Friday.

“I ended up waking up at the hospital. I have not fulfilled my destiny,” the “American Idol” season 3 winner says, shown with tears streaming down her face and wires extending from her arms.

Barrino was rushed to the North Carolina hospital after overdosing on aspirin and a sleep aid on Aug. 9, the same day she reportedly read a court complaint by a woman who has accused the singer of destroying her marriage by having a year-long affair with her husband and allegedly making a sex tape with him.

Barrino has maintained she thought the man, Antwuan Cook, was separated at the time of their relationship.

According to a montage from the “Fantasia for Real” trailer posted on, Barrino’s show will cover the moments leading up to her hospitalization, her subsequent release and efforts at a comeback.

“My love life is very touchy,” the singer says. “I have been in a lot of different situations that have not been good for me.”

If the new season will chart Barrino at her lowest moments, it also seems to portray her as highly motivated to get her life back on track.

“I'm better now ... I take a licking and I keep on ticking,” Barrino says. “Let them talk. Let them say what they want to say. But I’m still here.”

The new season of “Fantasia for Real” kicks off at 10 p.m. ET Sunday on VH1.

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