Jackson Memorial Hospital

Fashion Designer Revamps Gowns for Jackson Memorial Hospital Transplant Patients

A special type of hospital gown for Jackson Memorial's transplant unit.

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Miami fashion designer Rene Ruiz made a stop at Jackson Memorial Hospital to showcase his latest designs. 

Rene decided to refashion the standard hospital gown in the transplant unit, creating a more efficient and user-friendly garment for patients and medical staff.

Transplant patients can spend a lot of time In the hospital, so an easy-to-wear and modest gown is appreciated. 

"I designed these hospital gowns for patients like you and hopefully it will be better and more comfortable," Rene told a patient.

He worked on the new gowns for over six months, pouring over every detail, including the colors.

"I wanted to make sure that they represented Jackson Hospital and that's why I used the marine blue as a piping, as a fashion design detail, and also I designed the red heart which is something that I always use and is part of my signature," he said.

Rene donated his services and Jackson is paying Goodwill to make the gowns. Each costs $47 and so far they've bought over 4,260 gowns. 

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