Fat Chance: Florida Man Ruled Too Large for Jail

600-pound man would cost too much to imprison

Gluttony is a sin, but it also appears eating too much can help you avoid time behind bars.

George Jolicur was on his way to be the largest inmate in Florida last month when a funny thing happened on his way to the slammer. Authorities realized it would cost too much to take care of the 600-pound behemoth.

One guess as to what Jolicur's crime was? He stole food. Lots of it, according to the Daily Mail.

The 38-year-old Sanford man abused an age old scheme for getting free grub. He'd order something, eat nearly all of it, and then claim something was wrong with it and refuse to pay.

Now, that works every once in a while when you want a cheap date in college, but Jolicur took it to the extreme.

Once, Jolicur ordered five milkshakes, drank four and a half, and then told the restaurant that the milk was bad. The caper that did him in was a plate of beef jerky that he tried to return after leaving only a strip. The restaurant manager called police after Jolicur stormed out of the diner.

Police tracked Jolicur down at his home and arrested him. The over-eater admitted to the crimes, but didn't serve a day behind bars because the math just didn't add up to prosecutors.

Medical costs alone would cost thousands of dollars and there was still the issue of feeding the large inmate. Prosecutors offered a plea deal instead and Jolicur agreed to pay a fine.

That's what we call eating yourself out of a bad situation.

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