Fat PETA Ad “Gone” but Not Forgotten

Controversial billboard replaced in Jacksonville but animal group not backing down

The controversal PETA ad that targeted fat meat eaters is "Gone," replaced with a new ad targeting the folks who couldn't take the joke the first time.

The first ad, plastered on a massive roadside billboard in Jacksonville, depicted a fat woman in a bikini, accompanied by the words "Save the Whales. Lose the blubber: go vegetarian."

Apparently the whales weren't happy, and the sign had to go.

A new sign, reading "Gone. Just like all the pounds lost by people who go vegetarian," has taken its place.

"Our goal is help overweight Jacksonville residents - the best way to do that is to go vegetarian. We're not trying to insult anyone," Ashley Byrne, a senior campaigner for PETA, told Huffington Post after the first billboard was put up. "Vegetarians look and feel better than meat eaters. This is a life-saving message."

PETA, which is constantly going to the extreme to save animals, apparently isn't backing down from their fight against the flab, either.

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