Fat Tuesday at Gulfstream Park, Where It Pays To Weigh More

Gulfstream Park pays customers by the pound

Gulfstream Park and Racing Casino in Hallandale took Fat Tuesday literally.

Gamblers got rewarded by their weight, 10 cents in free play for every pound as part of a promotion called Fat Tuesday Frenzy.

"I'm a big girl," said Adrian Robinson, "I want to see what I can win!"

Robinson and about 3,000 other customers stepped on a scale in the center of the Gulfstream Casino to claim their prize.

The minimum payout was $15, even for people who weighed less than 150 lbs. The maximum was $50, and Gulfstream's Director of Marketing, Michael Goldin, says one man earned it, tipping the scale at 500 lbs.

To help fatten up their customers, Gulfstream offered all-you-can-eat Krispy Kreme donuts at the entrance. The promotion was so popular, they ran out of the first 7,000 and had to order 3,000 more.

Gamblers were also allowed to carry their purses on the scale, and the casino rounded up to the next even dollar.

"We did have an option to not get on the scale," Goldin explained, "and we (still) gave $15 in free play. But 99 percent got on the scale, they want that money."

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