Pregnant Woman, Unborn Child Among Those Killed in Homestead Crash

Woman who was 8 months pregnant killed in Saturday night crash along with man

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A pregnant woman and her unborn child were among those killed in a multi-vehicle crash Saturday night in Homestead.

The four-car crash happened near Campbell Drive right next to Homestead Hospital. A male passenger was also killed in the crash.

“And out of nowhere, I heard boom! Like an explosion," said Yoani Garcia, who lives right next to where the crash happened and sprung into action when he heard the crash.

Garcia says he found a man with pretty bad injuries at the scene.

“We were trying to open the door," Garcia said. "Then five minutes later police came and he tried to hit it with the stick. Bang, bang.... he couldn’t break it.”

Garcia then kicked the window and pulled the man out. His hands were nicked by the glass. 

“I took the whole thing off. Me and the other guy that helped me put the guy on the floor," Garcia said.

The aftermath of the four-car crash left a gaping hole in the shrubs on the sidewalk. 

On Sunday afternoon, traffic investigators came back to the scene to further investigate the cause of the crash. Speed was possibly a factor, police said.

The victims were later identified as 23-year-old Joshua Nicholas Guerra and 28-year-old Krystine Arias, who was eight months pregnant.

Garcia says he’s glad the man he saved is okay.

“All I gotta say to him is, he gotta be careful driving," he said.

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