Father Who Spent 40 Days Fighting COVID-19 Recovers After Plasma Donation

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Carlos Amador was greeted by a socially distant mariachi band this weekend as he celebrated his first day home after 40 days in the hospital. 

“I was just so happy to finally see him after over a month. It was a lot but I finally saw him and I was so happy,” said his daughter, Nikole Amador. 

The 49-year-old was admitted into Aventura Hospital on April 6 after testing positive for COVID-19. 

Amador says it was a long process as he was in critical condition and could barely breathe. 

“His body wasn’t responding to anything that they were doing to him. He was in a coma and a ventilator,” his daughter said.

He even lost 40 pounds, until a convalescent plasma transfusion saved his life. 

“He was dying in a coma, so I tried everything I could to finally get the plasma, and once he got it, he received it and it actually worked for him,” his daughter said.

Nikole and her mother, who also tested positive for COVID-19 at one point, had a desperate plea searching for donors to help her father battle coronavirus. They’re grateful that a nurse stepped up to the plate. 

“It was a nurse from Aventura Hospital and I thank her so much from the bottom of our hearts because she helped to save my dad’s life,” Nikole said.

In a warm send off, Amador was released from Aventura Hospital on May 8 and sent to Jackson Memorial Hospital. He tested positive for COVID-19 again, so he was treated there for a bit, but now he is finally home with his family after testing negative twice. 

Amador is improving day by day, but he says he still has inflammation in his lungs so he will need to be on oxygen and do physical therapy for two months.

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